how to boost the immune system

The immune system represents the first and most important defense network for our body. A series of cellular and chemical mediators, which are able to recognize external pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and to neutralize their dangerousness, that develops over the course of our lives and also evolves in relation to our experiences.

But is there a way to boost our immune system?

The answer to this question is YES.

Let’s look at some of them.

1.Sleep well

Let’s face it, a good restful sleep can be benefited in so many ways. It improves mood tone, it improves concentration, we gain in muscle relaxation… It works like a real recharge! And, in fact, the same happens for our immune system. It is precisely during sleep, in fact, that in our body the synthesis of new immune cells is stimulated.

2.Eat well

Choosing to follow a healthy diet is a valuable help. In order to boost the immune system, in fact, our body needs nutrients that are certainly not found in so-called “junk foods”. Prefer foods rich in vitamins, one of them vitamin C; essential amino acids; oligo elements, such as zinc. It helps us to keep the body healthy and ready to deal with any seasonal ailments or mild flu syndromes that we may incur at different times of the year.

3.Keep fit

Physical activity also plays a significant role in boosting the immune system. Practicing aerobic activity regularly, in the open air in particular, not only helps to maintain a good tone of our musculoskeletal system and improves the tenor of our general psycho-physical state; but it first stimulates the production of vitamin D, which plays an essential role in the functioning of the immune system.

4.Use natural stimulants

If the techniques examined so far are not enough, we can rely on nature.

In fact, there are several medicinal plants that have immunostimulant properties.

First, Aloe Vera, whose many healing properties are known to many. Specifically, the immunostimulant action of aloe vera is attributable to the massive presence, among its components, of mucopolysaccharides, which are able to stimulate the activation of macrophages in the body.

Another plant that works by stimulating leucocytes production is Echinacea, which can therefore prove to be a valuable aid in subjects with a lower than normal leucocyte count.

Rosehip, instead, with its high content of vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, E, PP), performs a general strengthening action on the body and, particularly, on the immune system.

Another immunostimulant action plant is Astragalus, whose polysaccharides act by promoting the action of natural killer cells and the phagocytory activity of macrophages.