homemade scrub

Scrub…a beauty practice which is so dear to those who want to have a soft and smooth skin, the so called “peach skin”. Well, anyone who wants to achieve this effect will find a valuable ally in the scrub. Of course, the first cure for toned and healthy skin is certainly water. Providing the right amount of water to our epidermis does not cost time, effort and, above all, a lot of money. Secondly, a good hydration with oils and creams suitable for our skin type helps us to provide that lipid component necessary for the protection of the most superficial layer of the epidermis. But then, what exactly is the scrub for? We could say scrub is useful to prepare the skin to receive the subsequent treatments. It allows exfoliation of the epidermis, so that skin is able to better absorb the active ingredients.

We can buy a ready-to-use scrub, but, if we wanted to prepare something that perfectly fits for our type of skin, what would we need? Would it be too complicated? Well, preparing an effective and natural scrub can be simple and untiring. Just keep in mind few “rules”…

First, to be defined as such, a scrub shall have a solid particle component, that will produce the abrasion, more or less light. Second, we need a binding component, an oil or a cream that in which to dissolve the particles.

Finally, we can add additional components, with toning, soothing, purifying action, depending on what we need and, eventually, essences that also give a pleasant scent to our personal homemade scrub.

For the moment we will focus on the first point, the particle component; in the next articles we will learn how to customize the diverse scrubs, modifying the other component according to our different needs.

We said that depending on the depth of exfoliation we want to achieve we can choose different types of grainy substances.

The greater the grain of our particle, the deeper the degree of exfoliation. Here is a list of products that you can use from the largest grained ones until you get to the fine grain:

  1. coarse salt
  2. brown sugar
  3. fine salt
  4. sugar
  5. ground coffee (it also has tonifying and anticellulite activities, thanks to caffeine).

Of course, when choosing the grain, we shall take into account our skin condition; it is always advisable not to use very aggressive substances on sensitive and particularly delicate skins, in order not to cause excoriation or injury. It is also good not to overdo the frequency of applications in general, once every two weeks shall be fine for any type of skin.